• Company Introduction

    In recent years, the rapid development of containerized ports along the Southern PRC coast leads to many export cargo vessels passing by the border into Hong Kong before loaded onto international carriers for the overseas exports. Therefore, Hong Kong's containerized export is much lesser than its import resulting in a surplus of containers every month. However, in Southern PRC ports, the same carriers with the surplus of containers in Hong Kong are having more export cargo than containers thus creating a shortage.

    To tackle this continuous hugh requirement, international carriers using the facilities and services at River Trade Terminal to relocate their surplus empties from Hong Kong to various Shenzhen ports to solve such shortages. Accordingly, we started up our business and focus on Stevedoring Service at the RTT strategically.

    MD International targets on operate outstanding workteam and strengthen consistent practice in which we always do the best to provide satisfactory customer services to every existing clients. We also working intensive to look for all potential business opportunity globally.